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A community-owned protocol that offers secure, automated liquidity management

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Liquidity Management

Built on Uniswap V3, Arrakis deploys
best-in-class automated liquidity management strategies that create deep liquidity & earn high APYs.

  1. Automated

    Auto-compounding and rebalancing. Yield farming made smarter.

  2. Composable

    Arrakis LP positions are setup as fungible ERC20 tokens.

  3. Permissionless

    Non-custodial and openly-governed by the Arrakis DAO.

  4. Secure

    Battle-tested smart contracts that are secure and trusted.

We reduce
crypto projects
on liquidity

Via automated liquidity providing, we can make markets more liquid with less inventory, meaning you spend less on liquidity mining.

  1. Reduce Costs

    Waste less of your
    precious tokens
    on liquidity

  2. Boost

    The efficiency
    of your

  3. Estimate Spend

    Based on our data
    better estimate how much
    you should really spend

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The most trusted
and secure solution
for managing

MakerDAO Aave
Olympus DAO Frax Finance
Gelato Network Stargate
Rari Capital Angle Protocol

Arrakis is already used by leading DeFi protocols as a liquidity management system. We are now welcoming even more projects to help them bootstrap liquidity for their tokens.

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A world awaits

Will you manage to earn enough yield to rule the harsh planet of Arrakis?

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