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Building Trustless Market Making Infrastructure & Strategies on Uniswap V3

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Market Making

Creating deep liquidity on Uniswap V3
using the Arrakis V2 infrastructure & strategies

  1. Multi Position

    Multiple liquidity positions in a single Uniswap V3 pool

  2. Cross-Fee Tier

    LP across multiple fee tiers under one position

  3. Reduced IL

    Only a fraction of liquidity is risked in the market, minimizing Impermanent Loss

  4. Composable

    Fungible ERC20 tokens for DeFi composability

Bootstrap liquidity for your protocol

Leverage Protocol Automated Liquidity Management (PALM) to acquire the inventory to create deep liquidity for your token

  1. Acquire Inventory

    Capitalize on volatility & acquire base assets

  2. Own Liquidity

    Protocols own rather than rent their liquidity

  3. Analyze Data

    Real time data about your liquidity

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The most trusted
and secure solution
for managing

Arrakis is already used by leading DeFi protocols as a liquidity management system. We are now welcoming even more projects to help them bootstrap liquidity for their tokens.

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